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Container-parts.com offers our customers new and used containers and original parts for stainless steel pressure containers, stainless steel storage tanks and processing tanks utilized in the food, beverage, brewery, distillery and winery business.

Our heritage reaches back to 1997 when we entered the container business for the sales and leasing of containers in the USA on behalf of two leading European Companies – a subsidiary of the French railroad and Automationstechnik, the leading manufacturer of stainless steel pressure containers in Austria and a global innovator.

In 1997 Container-parts.com was established to sell parts to the customers of these European companies. Since that time we have continued our work on container parts and sell new and used containers produced by leading European manufacturers and refurbishers.
Our inventory management programs allow us to maintain efficient inventories to meet our customers’ needs. We work closely with the customers to ensure that container down time is minimal and new needs are met promptly. We work with industry leading plant engineers and experienced plant managers. We understand the needs of our customers and work with them to keep their fleet in working condition.
Container-Parts offers a wide range of new and used containers available to our customers in the food, beverage, brewery, and winery industry we are a one stop destination for container users of all sizes.

In additional to attractive sales prices to help meet the needs of customers who want to rent their tanks we have established Container Logic SRP with our partners in Indianapolis. This allows us to rent quality stainless steel tanks to customers on a Rent and Rent-to-Own basis. For more information on our container rental programs visit www.ContainerLogicSRP.com or contact abantle@containerlogicsrp.com

Meet The Team

Jim Krigbaum

Jim Krigbaum – Director

Having traveled to 73 countries, I have been able to enjoy local beverages and customs for some leading producers and cultures. As a NW native, I have seen the growth in the brewery and wine industries with the Willamette Valley going from the worlds’ leading producer of bluegrass to a world class wine producer. I love college sports, with the Beaver, Huskies, Trojans and Griz in my heart. When not on an airplane traveling to some unknown country I enjoy “nature” and time in Maui.

My favorite beer – Austrian Weiss bier and Ambers

My favorite wine – Argentinian Malbec

Jennifer Krigbaum

Jennifer Krigbaum - Director of Operations

I live near Woodinville, I am a born and raised Washingtonian. I enjoy adventures, traveling, and football. I consider Maui my second home and love scuba, snorkeling, and the surf. I have 2 black standard poodles which are the apples of my eye.

My favorite beer – Pale Lager’s – Especially Zywiec from Poland!

My favorite wine – Italian Reds – Barbera, Montepulciano, and Sangiovese

Amanda Bantle

Amanda Bantle – Sales & Marketing

I currently live just north of Seattle in Snohomish, Washington. I love beer, wine and animals of all types and currently own a Sheepadoodle named Melrose. In my spare time I love to travel, spend time outdoors and try new restaurants. I have been working with this company for about 6 years and I look forward to working with you!

My favorite beer – Stouts & Porters

My favorite wine – Pinot Noir

Bob Freihaut

Bob Freihaut – Account Manager

I am a 35 year veteran of the beverage business having spent 30 years in the beer business and 5 years in the premium bottled water industry and wine business. My hobbies include fishing, golf and bird hunting. I am an avid baseball fan and enjoy all sports both professionally and on the collegiate level. I love to travel and enjoy meeting people from all over the world. I am a father of 4, 3 beautiful girls and 1 handsome son. I have lived in New Jersey, Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia and Washington State. I currently reside in St. Louis where I was born and raised. I have been blessed to meet wonderful people wherever I have lived and have been fortunate enough to still stay in touch with many of them.

My favorite beer – American style lagers

My favorite wine – Justin Isosceles

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Our inventory management programs allow us to maintain efficient inventories to meet our customers needs. We work closely with the customers to ensure that container down time is minimal and new needs are met promptly.

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