New Beer Tanks offers a complete line of stainless steel tanks for the brewery industry.  Our BW tanks are designed by and used in some of the finest breweries in Europe for Fermentation, Uni-Tanks, Bright Tanks and Storage Tanks.

Our beer tanks are designed specifically for the brewing industry by leading European craft brewers and the Container Parts team. Our tanks are manufactured in Austria by Automationstechnik and other European suppliers. With the tri-clamp ports for use with racking arms, carb stones, sample ports, thermo wells and nanometers the versatility is complimented by quality mechanical and manual welds. With pressure ratings of up to 7 bar and capacity from 200 Liters to 2300 Liters Container Parts has the tanks to meet your needs. 

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Our inventory management programs allow us to maintain efficient inventories to meet our customers needs. We work closely with the customers to ensure that container down time is minimal and new needs are met promptly.